Top Fitness Trends In 2017

Winter has gripped the Southern Hemisphere in an icy chill; workout warriors all over have been hard at work in 2017, only to have winter disrupt the significant improvements made in the summer months.

We know that maintaining a workout routine in any season of the year is hard work. Staying committed to exercise and self-improvement takes dedication and persistence, luckily, we have found the best fitness trends of 2017 to keep your body toned and tight all year round.

Wearable Technology, Making Training Interactive

Wearable technology like fitness trackers and smart watches are big business in 2017, with predictions suggesting that the trend is only set to continue to grow.

With the big boys making nifty updates available to watches and other wearable devices, work out warriors can access their goals, track distance and monitor their heart rate. These features allow users of wearable tech to interact with their routines, making exercising more immersive and fun.

Hit The Floor With Your Body Weight

One of the most understated exercises, body weight remains one of the best training methods for a refined workout that targets twitch response muscles. Targeting twitch response muscles allows you to build the muscles that hold your bigger muscles intact.

Targeting your twitch response muscles will make you stronger and leaner because you are doing exactly what your body should be capable of. Body weight exercises are brilliant for people on the move and struggling to find the time to get into the gym. These exercises require no equipment and can be done at home.

Some of the best body weight exercises include push-ups, pullups, squats, lunges and planks.  You can d these at home, and it’s often a great idea to add an incentive to see yourself through. If you enjoy online slot games then say you’ll play a few spins after a work out as a reward, or if you love literature, you’ll read your book for while.

Power Bursting

A wholesome workout does not just include various cardio exercise routines anymore. Modern studies suggest have shown that strength training is essential to burn fat quicker and tone more effectively.

Power bursting your workout like with strength training exercises will also boost the hormones in your body, making you feel even better after a workout and improving the longevity of your routine.

Get In On Group Training

Group training like Cross Fit, Soul Cycle or Pure Barre have extraordinary benefits that you simply can’t tap into when you train alone. Group training is a growing trend that is already highly popular in 2017 because of the benefits associated with the discipline.

Work out warriors all over the world have taken to group training because you are more motivated when you are a part of a group or event that pushes you to your limits. We are competitive by nature; group training pushes us to our limits allowing for the best results from these kinds of training classes.

Remember To Cool Down

When you push your body to its limits for the duration of your training session, it is simply not enough. You need to remember to cool off before leaving your body in disarray. A cool down is performing your preferred exercise at a much lower intensity than your normal workout.

Performing a cool down after your workout is imperative to rebalance and recalibrate your body; to return to normal heart rate and bodily functionality. Cool downs allow you to recover quicker too, leaving you head strong for your next training session.