Top Warm Up Exercises For Basketball Workouts

The game of basketball is comprised of various skills such as ball handling, dribbling, passing, catching and shooting, body work and defence.  Basketball requires technical skills, which include good hand and eye co-ordination.  In order to play this game well it is vitally important that basketball players do a thorough warm up before doing a workout.  A workout is important as it will raise the body temperature and prepare players for rigorous practice sessions.  A good warm-up before a workout will also ensure that players are less prone to injuries and also improve balance, control, strength and agility.

Running and Skipping

To start a basketball warm up the first step is for the players to jog the length of the field or gym, a few times and for them to focus on running taking note of any knee buckling or sloppy posture.  Their upper body should be upright at all times and their hips, knees and feet should be aligned.  It is important that their knees do not buckle inward.

Players then add backward and forward movements to the warm up and they can either run or skip backwards or forwards.  Skipping is a great way to increase coordination, rhythm and helps players with a light calf stretch.  If players are running backwards and forwards they must remember to keep to the running form as described above.

Stretching Exercises

Lateral movements are included in the warm up as they help to increase body temperature and lubrication of the joints.  This also helps to reduce boredom and to stimulate players as new challenges are added.  At this stage players can either choose to shuffle, run and shuffle or side shuffle.  Carioca is a great basketball warm up and is a cross-stepping movement, which helps to improve agility and footwork.  Players can also try the lateral side step to warm up.

Hamstrings are next and the mummy walk or Frankenstein is a great stretching warm-up.  For basketball players the most important areas are hips, calves and ham strings and trying to keep these areas flexible can be done using the running hip out and hip in, lunge and twist and the lateral side step.  Next up a good calf stretch, doing a heel or heel and high kick or a quad stretch with a toe raise.

A core strengthening exercise is a helpful warm up and helps to reduce any injuries and players can begin with basic plank exercises and progress later in the season. Doing warm ups together as a team also builds morale and ensures a good team spirit which is always a winning combination and good team spirit is always a positive sign for bettors wagering at

Balance Exercises

Balance is an important skill and warm up exercises to help with this include play catch where players try out various passes to each other or test their partner where players try to throw each other off balance.  Jumping and landing is another option and players can do vertical, lateral or box jumps.

Push Ups and Pull Ups

Push-ups and pull ups are always a great warm up for any type of sport and players can do a set amount or time themselves.  It is important for players to ensure that the both are done properly in order to get the most value out of them.

A good warm up is vitally important for players of all sports and can help limit injures and will assist teams in playing at an optimal level.