The Top 4 Physical Benefits Of Playing Sports

It’s a long-held fact that playing any kind of sport is generally quite good for a person, and it’s a lesson that many of our parents made sure we remembered. And there’s no denying that very obvious benefits of playing sports: being out and getting some physical exercises as well as socialising with like-minded people who are there to enjoy themselves.

There are, however, a number of other benefits to playing sports, many of which are linked to more than just physical healthy, but also benefits to the mind and stress levels. For those athletes that want some reasons to enjoy playing their favourite sports, these are some of the best.

Diabetes Prevention

Research performed by numerous research and medical institutes around the world, including the Human Movement Sciences Department, have shown that regular exercise can help in both the management and prevention of diabetes. Diabetes is a debilitating condition that affects more people with every passing year as more sugars are introduced into our daily diets, especially among Western cuisines. Diabetes, if left unchecked, can eventually lead to serious health issues, and even to more dangerous conditions like Parkinson’s.

Blood Pressures

A report from around 10 years ago showed that people who participate in activity a few times a month generally had normal levels of blood pressure and were less likely to suffer from blood pressure related conditions like hypertension. This research shows that exercise should be a priority for anyone that has hypertension issues currently, or know of family members that suffer from it, meaning it might be genetic.

Better Immune System

With the current global pandemic, it makes more sense than ever to try and strengthen our immune systems, and there are few better ways of doing that than by engaging in regular exercise, even if that means having to spend a little less time checking out Canada’s favourite sites every day. Many papers done on the subject have proven that exercise is an effective means of allowing our immune systems to successfully fight off a variety of diseases that would otherwise have the potential to cause long term damage. It’s also been shown in research that exercisers’ white blood cells are more able to efficiently reach the entire body, meaning that infections can be stopped much quicker,

Strong Bones

Having strong bones can only be achieved by having higher bone density, something that athletes tend to naturally have due to the amount of extra force that they are always putting on their skeleton. This is known as “loading” the bones and is especially effective when doing so with weights or other strength training exercises. Acting as a natural response to the extra stress, the bones become denser over time, making them much stronger and much more able to shrug off injuries that would have otherwise meant fractures or breaks.

Keeping bones as strong as possible is doubly as important for the elderly, who suffer from natural bone density loss as they age. Being involved in sports is one of the easiest ways of keeping our bones strong throughout our lifetimes.