Forms of Sports Fitness Training Exercises

There are many forms of exercises for fitness training of sports athletes that help them gain strength in their particular sport and improve their performance. Since each sport involves a different aspect of body movement; endurance; strength; speed; agility and so on, fitness training exercises must comprise the components of sports specific conditioning to build on what the sports athlete needs most to perform at his or her best.

While every component is valuable to all sports athletes, some may need agility more than power and others may need strength more than speed and endurance. Ultimately all components need to be worked on but the key is to shape a fitness training exercise around the specific needs of the sports athlete.

The importance of good performance is far more involved than just winning at a sport because sports athletes put a lot of time and dedication into their sport. Personal victories are just as great and bettors too can reap rewards from good performances if they bet right at sports betting sites.

Here are some of the more popular forms of training for sports athletes.

Circuits and Intervals for Sports Athletes

A good sports workout is the circuit which is great for all types of sports athlete. Circuits involve a variety of stations offering a specific type of exercise and once a certain number of repetitions or the task has been complete, the sports athlete moves on to the next station.

Intervals are short bursts of an intense activity and then an activity with a lesser degree of intensity and rest periods. This an excellent workout for building endurance and speed.

Resisted and Assisted Strength Training

Strength training involves sports athletes using various resistance tools to gain muscle strength, muscle endurance and power. The tools use include barbells of various weights, resistance bands, various machines designed for this and other types of strength building equipment.

Assisted training involves the opposite of resistance training, where tools are used for downhill running and so forth.   

Plyometrics, Tempo and Fartlek Exercises

Plyometrics is a bounding type of exercise used to build power, coordination and explosive reactions. It is great for building on the stretch shortening cycle that occurs due to the rapid rebounding when a landing occurs.

Tempo is a running exercise that increases the sports athletes lactate threshold which is the point in which he or she becomes fatigued after running at a particular pace. The sports athlete must run and ultimately maintain a particular pace that is not within their comfort zone. This builds their stamina to keep and increase pace.

Fartlek training is a running exercise. It is a Swedish word for speed play and focuses on steady running with intervals of activity. Fartlek training is different from traditional interval training because the sports athlete controls the intensity and speed of the running and the intervals at will. It is an unstructured training system that works on both the aerobic and the anaerobic systems.