Recommended Core Muscle Exercises

There are a lot of athletes and gym members in this world that put a lot of focus on building muscle and gaining mass and will follow strict training regimes to ensure that they don’t lose any muscle while also making sure that no fat is gained. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, a very common mistake that these athletes make is ignoring their core muscles, which are the muscles that are directly linked with our skeletal structure. In fact, our core muscles are vitally important for movement and strength and ignoring them for too long while focusing on other muscle groups can have disastrous consequences. Some athletes are even forced to go for expensive surgeries due to a rip in one of their weakened core muscles, which can lead to excruciating pain and long-term damage.

Luckily, there are a few select core muscles exercises that are specifically designed to strengthen our core and ensure that they work as they are meant to.


Crunches should be part of any athlete’s regime, and generally involve lying down and doing pull ups using internal core stomach mules. It’s one of the easiest exercises in the world, but it’s important to focus on the core muscles within the stomach are, as it’s extremely easy to do crunches the wrong way and cause damage.


For many, planking is nothing more than a social media trend that swept across the world almost a decade ago, but any athlete or gym goer will know that planking is a vital exercise that’s great for strengthening a wide range of different muscle groups. Planking is an exercise that can take some months to truly pull off for any appreciable length of time, but there are few others that are quite as good as working and strengthening core muscles throughout the body and is a great idea for anyone that suffers from back aches.

Planking does get more advanced, and includes exercises such as side rotation planking, which involves planking for a length of time with each arm held above the body and rotating between each arm. This kind of planking can take up to a full year to pull off properly in an exercise regime, but it is a true display of inner core strength, but remember to take some time between sessions to rest and enjoy Ausbet games.

Bird Dog

Bird dog has the exerciser on their hands and knees, after which they lift one leg and one arm at the same time. It sounds easy at first, but our extremities are fairly heavy, and it can take a fair amount of strength to lift them up for an entire round of exercise. It’s incredibly good for anyone that’s wanting to build both their back and ab muscles, with much of the focus being on the body’s core strength. Like planking, it can take 6 months to a year to fully strengthen the muscles to a point where a bird dog exercise is easy to pull off.