How Dancing Improves Sports Performance

How Dancing Improves Sports Performance

Ballet, jazz, modern and tap dancing and other types of dance are not only fun, but dance can also enhance sports performance.  Various athletes can attest to the fact that dance has definitely improved their overall sports performance, and provided them with a more positive outlook.  Even just dancing part-time can improve performance and can be included in your daily workout.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Dance improves cardiovascular health and this is due to the aerobic component in dance.  With dancing it is possible to dance for a longer time, which means improved endurance.  Dance is fun and so you tend to enjoy the workout and it does not feel like real work.  A treadmill feels like work!

Staying Flexible

Flexibility is a big advantage of dance, and growing more flexible can be as rewarding as playing real money online pokies.  Most dance styles will require some sort of flexibility and this can be a high kick, a dip or keeping your upper body straight, flexibility is important.  Dance helps not only with tough workouts but also things like yoga, which requires endurance and flexibility.  Any kind of dancing will give you stronger feet and having strong feet improves balance.

Improved Mental Health

Dancing also has a way of strengthening the connection between mind and body.  Being able to isolate different parts of your body will help you gain an understanding of your centre of gravity and these are great advantages that improve your fitness performance.  Some types of dance have difficult moves, and as your brain processes these, your co-ordination is also improved. After a while dance will become second nature and you will find that you no longer have to think about the next dance step, your body will intuitively know where to go next.

Dance helps with confidence.  Many athletes have never even considered dance, but once they have the confidence to try it, they will not be able to imagine life without it.  Dancing is a social sport, which means you connect with others. Both confidence and the social aspect of dance will help you to keep your head in the game and improve your overall mental health.  It’s so much more fun than walking a lonely treadmill.

Types of Dance

For athletes who are serious about sports performance, dance cardio is the way to go. There is no pressure, and you just need to keep moving so it is a combination of dance and fitness.  If you are more concerned with the mental aspect of sports performance then Salsa is the dance for you.  With Salsa you need to consider your partner, the music and yourself.  Body control is important, as you have to keep in step with the music and your partner.  Salsa is also a great way to improve your mood.  Ballet can be very challenging and you will need to be fit, but is one of the best ways to keep fit and flexible.

Many professional athletes engage in various types of dance to improve their strength and flexibility, and dancing discipline also help them to keep their head in the game.

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