Best Running Shoes Of 2022 Officially Rated

It is debatable as to just how much pro running shoes matter. There is, of course, a big difference between the cheapest pair of bottom shelf runners and decent pair from a recognisable brand. But if the most expensive brands are worth the money is questionable. With that being said, let’s look at some of the big releases of 2022 and explore if they deserve attention.

Hoka Mach 5

Let’s not beat around the bush, the Hoka brand isn’t afraid to be a little gaudy. But just because the shoes are orange, it doesn’t mean the Hoka Mach 5 aren’t an excellent pair of trainers. The Mach 4s were already outstanding, offering plenty of cushioning while also reaming snappy. But the Mach 5s are just about the best the company has ever released. The bottom line is that Hoka trainers are enormously versatile, suitable in just about any conditions, and cost half the price of other, more recognisable brands.

If you’re tired of sifting through the hype, and just want a pair of shoes that work like they should, you can’t go wrong with the Hoka Mach 5s.

Reebok Floatride Energy 4

Speaking of versatile and exceptionally affordable, we have the Reebok Floatride Energy 4s. More affordable even than the Mach 5s, plus adopting a far more understated design, the Floatride Energy 4s are a favourite for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you’re going cross country jogging, or are just sticking to the gym for a bit of spot training, these are the shoes you want.

Heck, you can kick back and check out the real money bingo Canada loves on your phone, feet wrapped in Floatride Energy 4s, and be completely comfortable. They’re that casual in their design, and that versatile.

Nike Air Zoom AlphaFly Next% 2

Next up we have Nike with yet another ridiculously named pair of trainers. Yes, it’s the Air Zoom AlphaFly Next% 2s. If you’re wondering, we did indeed spell that name right.

As silly as the name is, and as peculiar the design, there is no denying that this is an excellent pair of trainers. A lot has been done to keep the Air Zoom series fresh, including multiple reworks as far as long distance cushioning is concerned. The first downside is that the shoes are a bit top heavy, given the numerous layers. The second downside is the price. Be warned; if you want Nike you’re going to be paying for it.

Nike ZoomX Streakfly

Though, lest we get accused not exploring the whole catalogue, there is a more affordable pair of Nikes out there. The ZoomX Streakflys are far cheaper than the Air Zoom AlphaFly Next% 2s, though are specifically designed for road running. Even still, they’re excellent in virtually all regards, most notably in the comfort department.

To put it another way; these are the shoes you get if you’d prefer to feel like you’re not wearing any shoes at all. If you run between 5km and 10km you can’t go wrong with the Streakflys.