Why You Need A Proper Qualification to be a Sports Nutritionist


Why You Need A Proper Qualification to be a Sports Nutritionist

While there are plenty of quick online courses that promise to educate you all about sports nutrition, and plenty of products that extol their values and tell you they have everything need for the active athlete, a real sports nutritionist is one that has studied extensively, and in most cases has gotten a degree.

Properly qualified nutritionists also won’t prescribe a quick fix like a protein bar or shake, and will use their expertise to work out exactly what you need, and how they can help you perform at your peak. Just like anyone well versed in live AFL betting would give sound advice, a well-studied nutritionist can do the same in their field. 

More than a Passion for Nutrition

Anyone in the sports field will have a basic interest in nutrition, as the food we eat fuels our bodies and affects our performance. But in order to really get the best results, a nutritionist needs so much more than just passion. They need a complete understanding of different food groups, of how all the different factors come in to play for athletes of all disciplines, and of what they can do to improve performance using nutrition.

Being passionate about food and health is one thing, but knowing how much protein is needed to build muscles, how many carbs are good versus how many are bad, and what sort of supplements actually work is an exact science. And essentially, a professional sports nutritionist should be exactly that. Someone who has studied the science of nutrition knows a lot more about physiology than most, and understands what different bodies require.

No One Size Fits All Solution

Sport nutrition is something that doesn’t come in a one size fits all degree or qualification. There is not one universal degree that caters for those who want to enter the field. Instead, there are several different options, and in most cases, people qualify as a dietician or nutritionist first.

While there are some online courses that are feasible, and cover a wide variety of material, the short ‘cram courses’ are not ideal, as they don’t really go in depth with what a nutritionist should know. Of course, the type of athlete you hope to focus on, and the age group also makes a difference, as nutritionists need to be able to adjust programs for older or younger competitors.

An Athletes Choice

Any sports person serious about nutrition will also only want to be aided by a professional, rather than someone who has an online certification or who offers online services, whereby no face-to-face meetings are ever conducted.

Every athlete should have their own personalised plan drawn up by a qualified nutritionist, and one who only has a very rudimentary knowledge may be charging for a service that in truth they cannot provide.

At the end of the day a proper qualification is the hallmark of a good sports nutritionist, and it is always best to check someone credentials before you embark on a program with them.

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