The Top Nutrition Tracking Apps for 2018

The Top Nutrition Tracking Apps for 2018

Starting a new eating programme can be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve got a set amount of weight in mind that you’re hoping to lose. However, it’s good to know that you’re not alone and that there are tailor-made apps available which will simplify the process and even make it exciting. Becoming accountable to a nutrition tracking app is great encouragement to stick to your plan and tracking your progress is fantastic motivation.

Lose It! Calorie Counter

Perfect for those just getting started with nutrition tracking, the Lose It! Calorie counter appoi will simplify the process entirely. While it isn’t recommended for advanced dieters, the Lost It! App has a wide database and breaks down meals by breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks – the perfect start to your new eating regime. You can either log food manually, scan barcodes of the products you’ve purchased, or use the ‘Snap It’ feature to take photos of your meal and log it in this way. A premium subscription fee of just $29.99 per year will afford you wider access to more nutritional information and trends in your diet.

MyPlate by Livestrong

Another nutrition tracking app which is great for beginners is the MyPlate app by Livestrong and one it’s most attractive features is that it comes with detailed, free 8-week meal plans that are personalized by your dietary requirements and goals. Once you’ve chosen to begin a meal plan – much like when you choose NRL premiership odds – you will start receiving daily emails containing your recipes and weekly grocery lists so that you can be prepared for the week ahead. The app also comes with workouts perfect for those short on time and the gold membership for $44.99 per year provides daily calorie averages, exclusive workouts, and a clean eating meal plan.


The Lifesum app makes evaluating your overall nutrition and health a simple process and gives you comprehensible lifestyle tips and the dietary adjustments required based your habits. After downloading the app, you’ll take a test which includes questions about your cravings, weight-loss goals, habitual diet stumbling blocks, and dietary preferences to create a personalised eating plan which best suits your goals, schedule, and lifestyle. The app will then start providing recommendations on healthy changes that should be made and more appropriate dietary choices. The premium subscription which costs $44.99 per year will provide further detailed nutritional analysis and allows you to sync with other fitness apps.

Calorie Counter & Food Diary by MyNetDiary

To get the most out of the Calorie Counter & Food Diary app by MyNetDiary, it is advised that you enter your nutritional and weight-loss goals and use the available features to plan your meals and monitor your faithfulness. Helpful features include the ability to scan barcodes of items in-store to get the nutritional information required to make good choices, as well as the tracking of in your intake of 45 separate nutrients including carbohydrates, fat, and protein. The premium subscription of $40 per month will unlock full functionality.