The Healthiest Meats Packed With Nutrition

There’s a lot of misinformation circling around about eating meat and whether or not it’s actually good for people. Eating meat is not bad for us, in fact, meat is one of the best ways of obtaining complete proteins, as well as other vitamins and minerals. The problem is that the modern meat industry has gotten away with itself, producing highly processed meat-based products, many of which have been officially declared as carcinogenic. While it’s certainly possible to become a vegan athlete, it’s just as easy to incorporate high quality meats into a diet, as long as it’s only the healthy ones that are sustainably sourced if possible, while avoiding mainstream industry produce. These are the healthiest meats that an athlete can consume.

  1. Fish

Many historians place fish as one of the main reasons that humans were able to develop such large brains, and based on the composition of fish – which usually tends to be packed full of healthy oils – it’s not hard to see why they came to this conclusion. Fish is the healthiest meat that we can consume by a large margin due to the fact that fish have low amounts of unhealthy fats and the vital oils that our brains need to function properly, such as Omega 3. The oceans are suffering with overfishing, so it’s important to ensure that any fish bought from the store has been sourced in a sustainable way.

  1. Learn Chicken

Right after fish is chicken, but specifically chickens that have been open-caged reared, and which have eaten a healthy diet for most their lives. Chicken is another healthy source of protein if sourced in the right way, and can also provide more than enough vitamin B12. The best pieces of chicken tend to be the breasts, and it’s a good idea to avoid the skin and the fat as much as possible, as these are nothing but unnecessary carbs. Allowing to cook properly is important for safety reasons, and provides plenty of time to enjoy real money pokies.

  1. Game Meat

Beef is generally not the best meat to go for, usually because modern cattle are not treated well, packed with antibiotics, and live difficult lives. Instead, turn toward game meat, which is meat that comes from hunted animals, such as deer or antelope. While game meat might not quite as tasty or as easy to cook as beef, it tends to vastly more beneficial to eat, doesn’t have quite as large an impact on the environment, and can provide a better range of vitamins and minerals thanks to the natural diet of the animal that the meat came from. Some game meats that have become popular in recent years include ostrich and kudu.

  1. Sirloin Beef

Not everyone is able to avoid eating beef, often because it tastes so good. But most cuts of beef are anything but healthy, and it’s a much better idea to instead purchase sirloin beef wherever possible, as it’s made from much leaner cuts of meat that contain less overall fat. It might be much more expensive than rump or chuck steak, but it’s meant to be indulged in moderation rather than eaten every single day.