How To Choose The Best Sports Drinks

The Best Sports Drinks For Performance

When it comes to performing at your best, there are a couple of different things to consider. The first is diet, which is considered by many to be the most important. A good diet not only keeps the body running and healthy, but can also help in losing weight efficiently, while also providing enough fuel to get through even the most vigorous workout session. 

The next is exercise. Exercise is how we build stamina, keep fit, and grow strength. The more intense an exercise is, the stronger and faster we get, which is tied intrinsically to the diet we consume.

Thirdly, but still vital to anyone trying to stay healthy, is hydration. This doesn’t apply to simply drinking enough water, but rather drinking a solution specifically designed for hydration, often through the consumption of salts like electrolytes, which our bodies need in abundance, especially after a good work out. In keeping with this, these are the best sports drinks on the market, aimed at keeping hydration levels at their optimum.

Watching professional sportsmen through streaming or on Australian betting apps, you will notice that they all use a well-known sports drink. This is almost always because their high levels of physical exertion require more hydration than a glass of water can satisfy.


A well-known name, especially in North America, Gatorade is the drink that many professional and amateur athletes turn to for their hydration needs. Not only is Gatorade good at restoring vital fluids, but it also has higher sodium levels than many other sports drinks on the market, which is important, as we tend to lose a lot of sodium through sweat. With many different types and flavours on the market, Gatorade is a good choice. It’s biggest drawback is that it has a high sugar content.


Another big player in the sports drink market, Powerade provides many of the same benefits as Gatorade. Filled to the brim with the four most important electrolytes that we need, those being sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, Powerade tends to be a solid choice for any athlete. Widely available, and in many flavours, including a zero-calorie one, Powerade’s biggest disadvantage is its high levels of corn syrup, which can be unhealthy.


The next contender is Cytomax, which is unique among the others as its blend combines three different carbohydrate transport pathways to deliver as much energy and salt as possible. This is said to increase efficiency overall, and makes it an especially good choice for endurance workout sessions, or long jogs. It also contains much less sugar than the others, making it healthier.

The only problem with Cytomax is its low sodium level, which can present a problem for those that tend to sweat more than they engage in lots of physical activity.

Choosing The Right One

These are the three biggest sports drinks on the market, and each is effective in different ways, and it’s up to the athlete to choose one that suits them the best.