Workout Recovery Technology

The Latest in Workout Recovery Technology

Exercising is important to maintaining a healthy body and mind, and it’s something that we should be doing at least twice a week at the minimum. Fortunately, exercising at home has become easier than ever thanks to the large range of machines that can be set up within your home, and used at your convenience – making it a much better option than going to the gym for many.

But what many people don’t realise is that recovery is just as important as getting ready for a workout, and athletes should always try and find a good balance between the two. Luckily, there is plenty of new technology on the market designed to assist athletes with their work out recovery, helping to avoid the common injuries that occur when proper recovery isn’t practised. 

  1. Marc Pro

The Marc Pro is an electronic muscle-conditioning device that is designed to decrease the figure and soreness that muscles experience after intense workouts through electrical muscle stimulation. The device is extremely compact and portable, and can be taken anywhere. Adhesive electrode pads are supplied, which can be stuck to any muscle group.

  1. ThermXRoller

The ThermXRoller cover is frozen for around 5 hours, and then applied to the roller itself. The cover will retain the low temperatures while the roller allows the athlete to massage any sore or inflamed muscles. The cover can alternatively be heated up, providing deep heat muscle massages – allowing for effective pain relief for aching muscles.

  1. Titin Tech Compression Shirt

The Titin Tech compression shirt is a upper body vest that makes use of weighted compression, cold , and heat that allows the athlete’s muscles to undergo recovery even when the athlete is on the move. Freezable and heatable gel pads can be placed into the compression shirt, depending whether it’s post-or-pre workout. A set of compression pants are also available to purchase, and target lower body muscles. It can also be worn around the house while watching TV, cooking, or playing best 10 nz online pokies.

  1. Hyperice VYPER

Complete with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the VYPER foam roller allows three separate speeds of vibration that provide muscle relaxation and recovery at home. The VYPER is based on a 2011 American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation study that showed that vibration therapy after a training session can completely remove the onset of muscle soreness, and helps to recover a significant range of motion, even after the most difficult gym sessions.

  1. NormaTec MVP Recovery System

Slightly more advanced than some of the other systems on this list, the NormaTec MVP is aimed at those athletes that are on more of a professional level. The athlete places their legs into the zipped sleeves of the system, and within a few seconds the compression will begin. Once the cycle has started, the system will begin a longer period of relaxation. This improves blood circulation in the legs, and can help speed up the repair of muscle tissue.