Top Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

Mobile technology has brought about hundreds upon hundreds of apps of all kinds that are compatible both android and iPhone devices. Just as sports bettors must use only the best mobile betting apps, fitness fans should use the best fitness apps too.

There are many apps available of all levels of quality. Here are some of the top apps focused on fitness levels for android and iPhone users.

My FitnessPal for Android and iPhone

My FitnessPal is one of the top fitness apps that is compatible with a number of fitness trackers and can be downloaded onto android or iPhone devices. It can sync with other apps such as Strava, RunKeeper and MapMyRun. This app is a great way to track your eating habits as it tracks calorie intakes and nutritional value of more than 5 million different foods.

Fitbit App for Activity Tracking

Fitbit is free to download onto android and iPhone devices amongst others but has a premium membership that offers in depth insight at a small cost. This app tracks most daily activities onto the phone and even has a feature to log water consumption, daily food intake and daily weight. This app allows people to compete with others who have it on their android or iPhone, which is a great incentive to keep motivated.

Strava App for Free Download

Strava is an app that is free to download onto android and iPhone devices. It is the perfect app for sporting activities such as jogging, running, cycling and other fast paced activities. It comes with a feature called Segments where it tracks and compares your fitness to others on a specific stretch of road. Strava is an app that can sync with many different fitness trackers.

Fun Fitness Activities with Fitocracy

Fitocracy is an app dedicated to fun and fitness. This app offers various workouts for free and even allows users to create their own workout using a database full of various workout regimes. The fun aspect comes in because the app makes working out a game where points are earned for successful workouts. The aim is to unlock various achievements and raise the level of fitness. The app even has various workout quests or challenges that can be aimed for.

Workout with the Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club is a sports app designed with more than 100 free workout videos. The workouts cater for all levels from beginners to serious fitness vets. The app also comes equipped with a variety of four week long training programmes that help users get toned, lean and stronger. These too cater for all levels of fitness.

Log Data with the Under Armour Record

This app allows its users to log data on various workouts and it displays all daily activity information. The Under Armour Record app can sync with almost all of the most popular fitness trackers around. This app is free to download and use on android and iPhone devices.