Top Apps for Every Training Goal

From endurance and strength training to healthier nutrition and jogging, the sport and fitness app selection we have available to us these days is more fantastic than ever before. Evaluation features and planning functions allow beginners to work in a structured environment wherever they are. It also helps professionals in their nutritional and training analysis.

Adidas Runtastic

Adidas Runtastics works very similarly to Runkeeper, with all your activities recorded for analysis. You can log sports activities besides running rounds. Enjoy a motivation boost by taking part in challenges and sharing your successes with other users in the app community.

Asana Rebel

This one is for yoga devotees, offering 100+ workouts based on this ancient exercise. They are divided into five selectable groups:

  • Balance & Focus
  • Breath & Relax
  • Fatburn
  • Flexibility
  • Strength

Asana Rebel is great no matter whether you are a complete beginner or a devotee and helps you focus on your goals.

Asics Runkeeper

This all-round app is perfect for those who are active on their feet. It provides tracking for your routes and workouts and lets you evaluate your hikes, runs, and walks with ease.

The distance you run, and the intensity of your training sessions are continuously increased by the programmes adapted to the fitness level you have selected. And if setting personal goals and evaluating your progress that way doesn’t keep you motivated, reward yourself with something fun! Think an hour or two playing roulette Canada games online, slots on your tablet, or baccarat on your smartphone!


This app doesn’t work like classic fitness training does. It was developed by physiotherapists and sports scientists and offers almost 200 tests for you to complete rather than the standard home workout. Bodyweight exercises are all explained in-depth by these developers. This helps to minimise any risk of injury.

When you have passed all the tests of one level, you will move on to the next. And every week sees new challenges released that you need to master, which is a fantastic motivation.

Freeletics Training

The premium version of this app provides a range of bodyweight and HIIT workouts along with personalised training plans. You can also enjoy gym, mindset training, and running, making Freeletics Training the perfect choice for all-round athletes who want a broad programme to meet their fitness goals.

Nike Training Club

Here is your chance to train with the world’s most celebrated athletes! With 200+ multifaceted programmes and workouts, stars like Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Mario Götze will be at your side every step of the way. You can enjoy endurance and strength workouts as well as exercises aimed at reducing stress as well as yoga.


Seven’s quick, at-home workouts give you this many minutes to get your training done. The exercises are based on scientific studies, so it’s not a false promise, and these are designed to get the most out of this amount of time. And, with 200+ exercises, you will certainly not lack for variety.