New Fitness Tech Innovations From CES This Year

New Fitness Tech Innovations From CES This Year

This year’s CES expo saw many fitness tech companies show consumers their wares. Peloton made a massive splash with their large and commanding stall but there have been many innovators at the show this year with some exciting gear to showcase. The prices range from affordable to astronomical. 

  1. Soul Electronics Bio Headphones

Soul electronics has teamed up with Beflex Inc to produce these exciting new sweat proof headphones. They provide an all in one training solution for runners. The specially designed earphones work with a custom app on your Smartphone. You will get excellent AI feedback thanks to the integration of sensitive special sensors and the custom software of the app.

The earphone give verbal feedback on your gait, distance run, speed, head tilt, leg force and much more, while providing relevant training guidance to help you improve. With such futuristic technology comes a steep price tag of around $150. Better check out some horse racing betting sites to make some quick windfalls.

  1. The Spire Swim Tracker

With the use of a small electronic tag, in conjunction with Spire Health have created the Swim Tracker. Designed to be used in conjunction with’s smartphone app, this tracker can record and analyse your biometric data all through a single tracker chip.

You can add this tracker to any piece of swimwear but does offer specially designed swimwear that you can bundle with the tracker.

  1. The Sunnto 3 Fitness

Smartwatches never took off the way their developers intended but they can still be found in stores, many with some excellent functionality. Case in point is the Suunto 3 Fitness wearable. This device helps schedule and organise your weekly fitness routine with custom designed plans based on your personal feedback.

It monitors your heart rate and can give real time feedback so that you can adjust your routine on the fly. Additionally it will use your training variables to recalculate your routine on a real time basis allowing you to get the most from every session.

  1. The Peloton Tread

The Peloton Tread is an expansion of Peloton’s revolutionary indoor cycling systems. The draw here is the fact that Peloton equipment comes with flat screens that allow you to stream live classes from Peloton. These classes will cost you an additional monthly fee but if you want a cheap personal trainer, this could be the answer.

These classes are not limited to running and walking, they also include total body fitness plans which add great value to this treadmill package. That said, extra value is very much needed as this set of equipment retails for around $4000.

  1. The VR Gym

The VR Gym from Black Box promises to take fitness on an innovative journey just as cross fit has. It uses VR tech to bring you a 30-minute total workout sessions that combine resistance training with competitive video game style exercise regimes.

There is currently a long waiting list for enthusiast who wants to be part of beta testing this software that you can join at Black Box’s website.