Fitness Tech and Yours Kids- How Much is Too Much?

Children And Fitness Technology Let’s face it; technology is in our lives to stay. It has permeated almost every aspect of everyday life, and many of us could not survive without it. This has led to a whole host of issues, including non-communication, isolation and dependency. I once read that there was a support group for Facebook addicts, whether that was true I never did manage to find out, however.

Of course, there are many huge up-sides to all of this exponential technology growth. We are more connected than ever before, our entertainment would have people from even two decades ago believing in magic, and we can track our personal experiences and data to the most infinitesimal detail. Not only this, but with the rise of fitness technology we are becoming more motivated to get outside, which ironically is all that people before all this technology did anyway.

Our Children And The Technology Addiction

Almost every child in first world countries these days have some form of smart technology with they use on a regular basis. Even toddlers nowadays can operate a tablet or a smartphone. In many cases this is affecting how children live their lives; they communicate less, don’t play outside, and get far less exercise. Taking away electronic devices has become the number one punishment in many households, and it works because most children simply can’t be without their technology fix.

Fitness technology can change this, however. It encourages children to get out there and exercise through various reward systems. But shouldn’t our kids be doing that anyway?

Competition and Rivalry

Children have always been prone to competition and rivalry among themselves. Much like punters who place AFL bets, everyone wants to win. This often can get out of hand quickly, especially among girls.

Modern society has painted a picture of the modern woman which is unfortunately rather unrealistic, but that doesn’t stop girls trying to look like their favourite supermodels. Fitness technology is starting to play a part in this, often in a sinister way. Girls are tracking their calories and steps every minute of the day, which can lead to a number of eating and other disorders.

Not only are the girls involved however. The “keeping up with the Jones’” mentality also permeates many school kids’ minds, which can lead to all sorts of bad emotions and reactions. The drive to keep up and fit in with their peers can easily be fuelled by who has the newest in fitness technology.

On The Other Wrist

Fitness Technology For KidsOn the other hand, anything that gets our kids off the couch and into the real world cannot be a bad thing. Habits that are formed during childhood often endure into adulthood, so healthy energetic children become healthy, energetic adults.

Another new trend in the fitness technology world is feeding children in war torn or drought afflicted countries. Steps add up into points, and when a certain number of points are gained a care package is unlocked, which goes to feed a hungry child. This in turn boosts your child’s sense of accomplishment.

The Overall Skinny

All technology goes through fazes and fads, and for all we know fitness technology may be just that. No one uses dash mounted GPS anymore as most smart phones provide the same service. For now, fitness technology is starting to bring back a bit of our childhood to the new generations. Playing outside and exercise in moderation is a good thing, and as long as this is encouraged and monitored, fitness technology for kids is beneficial.