How To Choose The Right Exercise Machine

Throughout most of humankind’s history, we have always been extremely busy. Whether it was hunting, building towns, or tilling fields, it’s only been in the last few decades that our overall physical activity has been reduced to next to nothing. With office jobs, cars, and comfy couches at home, humans as a collective no long need to be physically active all the time, which means that it’s much easier to put on weight and become unhealthy.

The only option many of us have, then, is to visit the local gym and make use of one of their machines. The problem here is that most gyms have dozens of different machines, and without hiring a personal trainer, it can become difficult to choose which is best, which prompts many to rather stay at home and enjoy bingo for money games or the latest TV series. This is a breakdown of the best exercise machines that can be found at a gym.

Cardio Equipment

Cross-Country Ski Machine: This machine allows the user to work out both their legs and arms at the same time, and is designed to mimic cross-country skiing. The sliding motion means that there isn’t too much pressure on the knees, while also providing training to most of our muscle groups, even if it’s only for a short period of time.

Rowing Machines: These are similar to the ski machines, and work out the backs, legs, and arms simultaneously, meaning a total body workout from one machine. It can be difficult to get in to at first, and some may find it puts added strain on the back, but there are few other machines that provide the same benefits.

Stair Steppers: These low-impact workout machines replicate climbing flights of stairs. They provide excellent workouts for the legs and lower back, and while extremely strenuous at first, they promote healthy muscle growth quickly, along with extended stamina.

Treadmill: The staple machine of any gym, there’s a reason treadmills have become so popular. They allow the user to run on level ground indoors, and come with a range of different settings that allow for customisation.

Strength Equipment

Hand Weights: Another staple of any gym, hand weights come in a multitude of different sizes and weights, and are great for strengthening arms, abs, chest, and back muscles. It’s best to start with small weights at first, adding weight as your strength grows.

Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are best used for a full-body workout. They are low cost, lightweight, and can be taken just about anywhere. They can also often be customised to the user’s liking, with more resistance added over time. Positioning when using resistance bands is important, especially if you want to avoid any painful muscular injuries.

Ankle Weights: These are an optional extra that the exerciser can add to their legs to increase resistance during leg training. They come in different weights, which are put into special cuffs that clip around ankles.