Fitness of The Future

 Running Shoes TechnologyFor thousands of years, humans were more active than we could even comprehend today. Our ancestors were constantly on the go, moving to new locations, hunting, gathering, and only stopping to sleep. Over time, our bodies adjusted to this type of physical activity, and it remained like that until the industrial revolution, when mass production took over. Machinery and factories have replaced the need for constant activity at work and for general survival, meaning that we now spend more time at sitting down than ever before.

This also means that to keep in shape, we’ve had to start exercising on a regular basis. It not only keeps us healthy, but also relieves stress, helps us age better, and prevents many of the common diseases that the world faces today.

To keep up with the new levels of fitness that modern humans enjoy, many companies have been hard at work developing new methods of fitness training, making it easier for us to stay in shape in the healthiest ways possible. For those that are into Aussie sports betting, look out for players that make use of future fitness tech. These are some of the fitness technologies that are being developed for the future.

Undercover Sleepwear

For anyone that enjoys working it, you will know that resting is a vital part of making sure gym sessions were a success. When we sleep, our body fixes our torn muscles, and lets our brains recharge so that we become stronger over time.

This is why some fitness companies have begun developing special sleepwear fabrics that use infrared technology to reflect heat back into our muscles when we’re sleeping. The extra heat is healthy for tired muscles, allowing them to heal faster and more efficiently.

Fabric Circuits

As circuitry becomes smaller, more robust, and more advanced, developers have been able to successfully integrate circuits and sensors into clothing. These sensors monitor our body’s internal activities, and can be plugged into a computer to provide feedback on just what’s going on. Trainers use this information to help manage their fitness routines.

Smart WatchesSmart Watches

Modern mobile devices have expanded greatly in recent years, and one such innovation, the smart watch, has been incredibly useful to those interested in training and fitness. While smart watches haven’t been the most popular mobile devices to hit the market, they do allow trainers the chance to keep track of how far they run, what their heart rate is, and even integrated GPS technology for training routes.

On top of this, smart watches allow us to make calls while we’re on the go, or listen to music, making it perfect for the modern trainer.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are an important part of any training regime, as the wrong shoes can cause some serious damage. Some companies are taking this a step further, however, and are developing running shoes that are not only extremely comfortable to run in, but can provide information to the runner after a session.

Trainers can keep track of how far they’ve run, how much time it took, how much pressure is being exerted, and much more. With this information, the trainer can determine the best routes to run on for how long, and if they need to change their running stance to decrease any potential problems in the future.

These are just some of the technologies that are set to hit the market over the next few years, and each one is designed to make your fitness pastimes that much easier and more enjoyable.