Choosing Between Indoor And Outdoor Sports

For most of the last century, the vast majority of physical sports and training has been done outside. From soccer to baseball to hockey, sport and fitness has long been associated with being outdoors in the sun, usually on some kind of dedicated field. This has slowly begun to change, mostly due to modern stadiums and training grounds being set under a roof. And while this can allow a team to practice during any weather, many have asked which of the two is better for overall health.

Fortunately, there have been a few different studies done on just this subject, and it seems that there are both pros and cons to indoor and outdoor fitness and sports.

Outdoor Sports

When it comes to the norm, most people will expect to be outside when they’re involved in some kind of sport. This does not apply to every type, such as indoor hockey or basketball, but these are also sports that are only played in specific regions around the world and may not apply to everyone. Studies done over the last few decades have proven a myriad of different physical and mental benefits that are associated with playing sports outside.

One of the most prominent is the exposure to sunlight. A vitamin D deficiency has become one of the most common deficiencies of the modern age as more and more people spend time indoors. Vitamin D is essential for a wide variety of bodily functions, and we can become extremely sick if we don’t get enough of it. Being outdoors in the sun ensures that we get plenty of Vitamin D. Along with this, studies have shown that being outdoors, especially if in the presence of nature if possible, can improve mental health drastically, leading to decreased anger, lower bodyweight, increased enthusiasm, and more. It also tends to be more cost effective to spend time outdoors, as most associated sports, such as a local game of soccer, don’t cost much to participate in.

Indoor Sports

On the other side of the coin we have indoor sports, although researchers have lumped these together with going to the gym. There a few different benefits here, too, with one of the most common being accessibility. Not everyone lives close to a field or park, and sometimes they have no choice but to go to an indoor stadium or gym in order to get their physical exercise. This also means that they have better access to indoor facilities, such as showers, saunas, and indoor pools; all of which have been linked with improved mental health, along with the ability to quickly find a comfy place to sit to enjoy Canadian games sites.

Some experts believe that a mix of the two is ideal, as it allows the person to have the access to local and indoor facilities while at the same time being able to get out under the sun every few days to replenish the amount of Vitamin D that they need. Regardless of whether it’s outdoors or indoors, all experts agree that a person should focus on getting exercise as much as they are able to, regardless of how they do it.