Best Fitness Watches to Track Workouts

best fitness watches The growth in technology seems to be a never ending supply of amazing gadgets and things to bring convenience to our lives. From the ease and profitability to virtual reality games, technology has astounded. One of the best advancements for sports athletes, avid fitness freaks or casual newcomers looking to get fit is the sport watch.

There are a number of them on the market, all aimed at tracking one’s fitness levels and giving the much needed data that anyone really needs to maintain and improve on fitness. They tend to monitor heart rates, steps, sleeping patterns and more so finding the best one relies on what activity tracker you need to match your personal fitness regime. If you are looking to find the best fitness watch for you, these are some of the best on the market.

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Fitness Tracker

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is an excellent watch to track all sorts of fitness levels and activity. It has a built in heart rate monitor and a GPS tracking system. It tracks the number of steps taken and has a sleep monitor that is essential in tracking healthy sleeping patterns.

Fitbit Alta HR for Heart Rate Tracking

The Fitbit Alta HR is a fitness tracker that monitors heart rates and tracks important health data. This watch resembles a typical Alta but the monitoring of the heart is continuous. It features swappable wristbands and an OLED touchscreen. Sleep patterns are also monitored and all data can be sent as smartphone notifications.

Emporio Armani Renato Hybrid Smartwatch

The Emporio Armani Renato Hybrid Smartwatch is a water resistant activity tracker that has the capability of connecting to a smartphone through a sleek app. The app send discreet notifications of all data collected from any physical activity for the day. It is a classic looking watch with modern functionality that comes in multiple colours.

The Discreet Misfit Ray Watch

The Misfit Ray watch has a sleek and discreet design. It is a useful tracker that sends notifications to smartphones through a simple to use application. The Misfit Ray can track sleep patterns, count steps taken and monitors other activities such as measure distances walked, estimate calories burnt and tracks various activities such as yoga, cycling and dancing. An option to add a swimming tracker is available at a small additional cost. There are however no heart rate monitors or GPS trackers for this watch.

Get in Shape with Moov Now

The Moov Now is less of a watch and more a circular element that is strapped around the leg. It is paired with a smartphone where all data notifications are sent. This is an excellent option for advanced sports training because it comes with an increasing level of difficulty for improving levels and speed of running, cycling and swimming. It comes equipped with running levels and seven minute workouts. The Moov Now has a sleep tracker and a step tracker too.